Trying to reach your Muslim friend? We at CLC Multi-language Media would love to help!  Our goal is to provide you with the resources you need to reach the growing international community around you. Here are a few resources that can help you better understand them and what they believe.

The Cross in the Gospel and the Koran

The Cross in the Gospel and The Koran
This is a good evangelical resource to give out to a Muslim friend. This booklet briefly outlines the “Crucifixion of Christ and its Influence on Islam.” It concisely discusses the prophecies told about Jesus, the testimony of the Apostles, the testimony of history and even references the letter that Pontius Pilate wrote to Tiberius Caesar regarding his encounter with Jesus of Nazareth. The booklet also talks about why Jesus came to die for us, the prophecies surrounding his life and the miracles he performed while still among His people. This booklet also includes discussion questions that make the reader think critically about the life and death of Jesus Christ as it pertains to the message of the Koran and the Bible.  


Available in Arabic , Turkish , Urdu & English 

Miracle of Miracles

Miracle of Miracles



This book is a vivid biography of a young woman (Mina Nevisa) who flees her native country of Iran when she becomes a believer in Jesus Christ. During her teenage years, she has a supernatural encounter with Jesus, which transformed her life and turned her friends and family away. This is a tale of her journey and the hardships she faces as she tries to establish a place for her newfound faith. In 1991, Mina and her husband had founded the Touch of Christ Ministries and continue to do God’s work in America today. Their goal is to promote Christ’s love for the Muslims and to see our Muslim friends find their salvation in Jesus. Mina and her husband travel widely and spark discussions pertaining to Islamic-Christian issues. 

Available in English



The Qur’an and the Bible: In the Light of History and Science 

The Quran and The Bible

To anyone who wishes to learn a new perspective on either Islam or Christianity. Have you ever wondered what the Qur’an has to say about the Bible? This book is a guide about the Biblical response one can give in return. As the author states, “It is an attempt to examine the real confrontation between Islam and Christianity at the deepest level, both intellectual and emotional (Campbell, 2002, pg. viii). Dr. Campbell studies the basic biases and assumptions we have about each faith and how we can come together in understanding and love to engage in discussion about our basic beliefs. This book covers science and religion and attempts to answer many difficult questions that are asked by scholars worldwide. Recommended for teachers, students or friends from Muslim and/or Christian backgrounds.  

Available in English and Arabic