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The Cross in the Gospel and The Koran

English The Cross in the Gospel and the Koran


Considers various statements in the Koran about Christ’s death. Then clearly presents Christ’s death in the Gospel, including proofs for the Crucifixion and Resurrection.
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This is a good evangelical resource to give out to a Muslim friend. This booklet briefly outlines the “Crucifixion of Christ and its Influence on Islam.” It concisely discusses the prophecies told about Jesus, the testimony of the Apostles, the testimony of history and even references the letter that Pontius Pilate wrote to Tiberius Caesar regarding his encounter with Jesus of Nazareth. The booklet also talks about why Jesus came to die for us, the prophecies surrounding his life and the miracles he performed while still among His people. This booklet also includes discussion questions that make the reader think critically about the life and death of Jesus Christ as it pertains to the message of the Koran and the Bible.  




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