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At Multi-Language Media, we have a passion to make Bibles and evangelical Christian literature available to people in their heart language, so they may come to faith and maturity in a relationship with the Lord Jesus Christ.

The CLC Bookcenter had a problem...

A customer had walked in looking for an Italian Bible. While the manager had plenty of materials in Spanish and English, he didn’t have anything in Italian. So Jim Pitman picked up the phone and called the only people he knew that were likely to have this item in stock – Jay and Jean Krause of Multi-Language Media (MLM). Sure enough, they had the exact Bible that Jim’s customer needed, and soon he was able to share the Bible with his friend who would now be able to read God’s word in his heart language. 

This would not be the only time that Jim made a call to MLM in the following years

portuguese bible
Jay and Jean Krause

A burden for books.

Jay Krause had been travelling the world with Operation Mobilization; working with one of their huge floating bookstores and helping to find books and Bibles in the local languages of the countries where the ship docked. When he returned home, God put a burden on his heart to start a ministry in the US to reach people who spoke and read in different languages. With his wealth of  contacts in so many countries already established, Jay was ideally positioned to start this new work.

Passing the baton.

Thousands of Bibles and books were sent out in the native languages of our nation’s immigrants.  People were seeing their friends and relatives give their hearts to Jesus, and many young believers were growing in their faith.

After thirty years of growth and development, the Krauses were ready to retire and pass this ministry on to a like-minded organization. They picked up the phone and called CLC.  In a great irony, the person who answered that call was Jim Pitman, the same guy who had called them so many years before about an Italian Bible.

The work continues.

 In July 2016, a ministry “heart transplant” took place. In just a couple days, all of MLM’s inventory was transported to CLC’s headquarters in Fort Washington, PA and a new system was brought online to begin processing orders – almost a month earlier than anticipated.

Today, the ministry continues to grow, along with its catalog of books and Bibles in over 120 different languages. Multi-Language Media has become one of the primary ways CLC is fulfilling its mission to make evangelical Christian literature available to all nations. Everyday, more  people are meeting Jesus and growing closer to God as they read His Word in their own heart language.


CLC (formerly Christian Literature Crusade) is an evangelical world mission organization that plants literature works (bookstores, bookmobiles, translation work, and publishing/printing outfits) rather than churches. CLC works to serve the entire evangelical community – recruiting workers and offering materials that represent various denominational perspectives.

Initially, CLC will send cross-cultural missionaries to start a work in a new area. The goal is to establish a sustainable work that can be operated by a national staff in a reasonably short period of time. This means that our missionaries may work themselves out of jobs around the world as these fields mature and become self-sustaining.

Our national workers receive sacrificial salaries, but are considered full partners. Today, over 90% of the CLC fields are run by national workers and several are sending workers cross-culturally to start works in other countries.

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