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Prayer Guide for Ramadan

Prayer Guide and text taken with permission from Advancing Native Missions.

Ramadan, a holy month for Muslims commemorating the revelation of the Quran to Muhammad, started today and continues for 30 days. Even casual Muslims are likely to celebrate Ramadan, becoming very religious for these 30 days. They fast from daylight to daybreak.

We invite you to join us in praying for Muslims during this time, even for just five minutes each day.

Here’s a guide to praying during Ramadan:

  1. Pray against the spirit of Islam, which blinds people and kidnaps them from the kingdom of God. Pray that God will bind the spirit of Islam.
  2. Pray against the spirit of fear. Pray that God will give Muslims the freedom to think for themselves, compare and take action accordingly.
  3. Pray against the spirit of confusion in the minds of Muslims that prevents them from understanding truth. Pray that God will give them understanding.
  4. Pray against the spirit of deception, which deceives Muslims into thinking that they will be in paradise because of their actions.
  5. Pray against the spirit of violence. Temperatures across the Middle East are as high as 110 degrees F right now. Lack of air conditioning, fasting, heavy traffic, and other factors lead to high tempers. Pray that God will give peace and mercy during this time.
  6. Pray against the spirit of murder and death. Islam convinces its people to blow themselves up in the name of Islam. Pray that God will open their eyes to see the meaning of life.
  7. Pray against the spirit of violence because the Quran has many verses that encourage violence against Christians and Jews. Pray that God will open Muslim’s eyes to let them see humanity.
  8. Pray against antisemitism because many verses in the Quran speak against the Jews. Pray against this spirit. Pray that God will replace the hatred with love.
  9. Pray against the spirit of the antichrist. Islam denies the deity of Jesus Christ.
  10. Pray for the minds of Muslims, that God would open their mind and equip them so that when they hear the Good News, they will be ready to accept it.
  11. Pray for the Spirit of wisdom. Pray that God would raise wise Muslims who examine their beliefs and start discussions with other Muslims that might lead them to leave Islam.
  12. Pray for God to give Christians boldness and anointing to share the gospel with Muslims and astonish them by this message.
  13. Pray for a spirit of revival. Pray for the secular Muslims who have refused Islam, that God would use them to expose Islam.
  14. Pray that Jesus Christ would visit Muslims in visions and dreams. Muslims believe that if they see any prophet or godly man then it is a fact.
  15. Pray for the converted Muslims who are known by their families to be Christian. They will be persecuted by their families during Ramadan. Pray that God will give them boldness and that he will help them to continue under the suffering.
  16. Pray for the converted Muslims who were persecuted and now carry the scars of their persecution on their bodies. Pray that these scars will be a witness to their families and friends to open their eyes.
  17. Pray for the converted Muslims who live in prison that God would protect them from other prisoners and the soldiers who abuse and beat them in the name of Allah.
  18. Pray for the children of the converted as they go to school. Because their official ID cards indicate “Muslim” they must participate in fasting and prayers. Pray that God would protect their young minds from the trauma of leading dual lives.
  19. Pray that God would protect the children of the converted from fear and anxiety. Pray for their emotions as their friends reject them for becoming Christian.
  20. Pray for the Media. Pray for the leaders in the Media that God would protect them from the spirit of hatred against Christians and Jews and they would not use their platform to spread hatred but would use it for good.
  21. Pray that God would use Christian TV programs during Ramadan to help Muslims discover the truth.
  22. Pray for the schools and the teachers, that God would give them a love for Christian students and not hate them. Most of the time, during the month of Ramadan, the Christian children are a target for hatred among their teachers and classmates.
  23. Pray that God will give new ideas in the Islamic world through dreams, visions, and supernatural miracles to enable people to see the truth of Christ.
  24. Pray for churches that live among the Islamic world. Pray that God will give churches a fresh boldness and the fire of the Holy Spirit to share the Gospel among these people.
  25. Pray for pastors, that God would give them boldness to preach the Word of God without any compromise and to mobilize their people to share the gospel.
  26. Pray for Muslims’ eyes to be opened so that they might see that what they are doing will never allow them to reach heaven.
  27. Pray for Muslims to be thirsty and hungry to know the true God who loves them.
  28. Pray for Muslims in conflict-ridden countries such as Syria, Iraq, India, and Myanmar, that God would open their eyes to true hope in the midst of these conflicts.
  29. Pray that God would disrupt the mission of Islamic training centers like Cairo’s Al Azhar mosque, which sends out around 60,000 devout Muslims into the world every year.
  30. Pray for the converted who are exhausted and feel that God has left them, and for those who feel lonely in the midst of a family who hates them. Specifically pray for the ones who under intense persecution denied Jesus. Pray that God would give them peace, that they might feel forgiveness from God, and that he would send his Holy Spirit to revive them and encourage them.

Thank you for praying with us.

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