Swahili tract – Who is Jesus?




Product Description

An excellent tract for giving along with Scripture or a book! It helps to lay a foundation for faith by presenting the unfolding plan of salvation from the fall of man to the redemptive work of Christ.

3.5″ x 4.5″

Bulk pricing is available. Contact customer services for information. 

Available in the following languages:

AAFRL9T Afrikaans 
AAMHL9T Amharic 
AARAL9T Arabic 
ABULL9T Bulgarian 
ACEBL9T Cebuano 
ACHIL9T Chinese Traditional
ACSSL9T Chinese Simplified
ACZEL9T Czech 
AENGL9T English 
AESTL9T Estonian 
AGERL9T German 
AGREL9T Greek 
AHEBL9T Hebrew 
AHINL9T Hindi 
AHUNL9T Hungarian 
AILOL9T Ilocano 
AITAL9T Italian 
AJPNL9T Japanese 
AKURL9T Kurdish – Old & New
AMARL9T Marathi 
AMONL9T Mongolian 
ANEPL9T Nepali 
AORIL9T Oriya 
APERL9T Persian 
APIDL9T Pidgin 
APOLL9T Polish 
APORL9T Portuguese 
AROML9T Romanian 
ARUSL9T Russian 
ASHNL9T Shona 
ASINL9T Sindebele 
ASPAL9T Spanish 
ASWAL9T Swahili 
ATAGL9T Tagalog 
ATAML9T Tamil 
ATELL9T Telugu 
ATIBL9T Tibetan 
ATURL9T Turkish 
AUKRL9T Ukrainian 
AVIEL9T Vietnamese 



  • Weight: 0.01 lb
  • Width: 3.5 in
  • Height: 4.5 in
  • Language: Swahili

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