Polish Amy Carmichael of Dohnavur

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Polish Amy Carmichael of Dohnavur- Polska Amy Carmichael z Dohnavur n nISBN: 9788360974988 n nSIZE: 5 X 8 n nPaperback n


n“We went to see an old lady who was very ill. She had not heard the Gospel before, but was willing and eager to listen. So I spoke and Misaki San translated, and our hearts prayed most earnestly. `Lord Jesus, help her. O help her to understand and open her heart to Thee now.’ She seemed to be just about to turn to Him in faith when she suddenly noticed my hands. It was cold weather and I had on fur gloves. `What are these?’ she asked, stretching out her hand and touching mine. She was old and ill and easily distracted. I cannot remember whether or not we were able to recall her to what mattered so much more than gloves. But this I do remember. I went home, took off my English clothes, put on my Japanese kimono, and never again, I trust, risked so very much for the sake of so little.


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