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Chinese Traditonal Vanishing Grace

What Ever Happened to the Good News?

By: Philip Yancey

ISBN: 9789861985664

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What happened to the church in this age? What happened to the Christian? What happened to the gospel?
“There are not many themes that can make me love more than grace; no one’s grace speaks that can make me want to listen more than Philip Yang. Years ago, on the streets of Calcutta, someone introduced me to “The True Face of Jesus”. Now, Philip Yang wrote a manifesto, trying to awaken his caring and worried church. He knew that Christians should have the fragrance of Christ, but we often exude other mixed smells. Let his words give you courage, Recommit to Jesus Christ’s way of loving others… After all, He said that the world knows that we belong to Him through love.” ── Shane Claiborne, writer, activist, lover of Jesus 
Why do people like Jesus but hate Christianity?
Why are people’s impressions of Christians full of moral hypocrisy, criticism, homophobia, and self-righteousness?
As a Christian, do you really convey the message of “grace” to people to relieve people’s “thirst”?
Twenty years ago, Philip Yang explored in depth the appearance of grace in his classic work “How Strange Grace is”, calling on Christians to live a life of faith full of grace. In the present age, he examines this issue again, exploring why Christians are losing respect, influence and reputation.
The world is still full of thirsty souls everywhere. But why do so many people hate Christians? Facing the future generations, how can we convey our faith in an attractive way? How should Christians present the true gospel?
Yang Philip uses his unique writing style—one after another true stories, convincing words, simple and easy-to-understand beliefs—to point out how the gospel of grace can be set up again in a world that increasingly despises Christianity. The bridge in between.

About the Author


Philip Yancey is a contributing editor of Christianity Today magazine. He has a total of 13 books that won the Gold Medallion Winner of the Christian Publishing Association (ECPA), including “Disappointment With God” and “The Jesus I Never Knew” (The Jesus I Never Knew). Book, and even won the highest honor of the ECPA Christian Book of the Year Award (ECPA Christian Book of the Year Award), and became a recognized “a writer’s writer” (a writer’s writer).
His books have sold more than 14 million copies, translated into 25 languages. Among them, four books have sold more than one million copies. Yang Philip currently lives in Colorado with his wife and continues to create.

“沒有多少主題能讓我愛得勝過恩典;沒有人的恩典能比楊洋更讓我想听。多年前,在加爾各答的街頭,有人向我介紹了《耶穌的真面目》 ”。現在,菲利普·楊寫了一份宣言,試圖喚醒他關心和擔憂的教會。他知道基督徒應該有基督的香氣,但我們經常散發出其他混合的氣味。讓他的話給你勇氣,重新承諾耶穌基督的方式愛別人……畢竟,他說世界知道我們通過愛屬於他。” ── Shane Claiborne,作家、活動家、耶穌的情人




菲利普·揚西是《今日基督教》雜誌的特約編輯。他共有13本書獲得基督教出版協會(ECPA)金獎,包括《對上帝的失望》和《我從未認識的耶穌》(The Jesus I Never Knew)。書,甚至獲得了ECPA Christian Book of the Year Award(ECPA Christian Book of the Year Award)的最高榮譽,並成為公認的“a writer’s writer”(作家的作家)。

他的書已售出超過 1400 萬冊,被翻譯成 25 種語言。其中,有四本書的銷量超過一百萬冊。楊菲利普目前與妻子住在科羅拉多州,並繼續創作。


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