It’s almost back to school time, and here at Multi-Language Media, we are preparing to start sending out ESL material, bilingual Bibles and many other resources to support schools, churches and other groups reaching out to new foreign students.  

Here are just a couple of the many resources that we offer at Multi-Language Media

English AnywhereConnections 

English Anywhere Connections
English Anywhere Connections

The format of this English curriculum is conversation-driven while at the same time presenting an overview of the Bible.   

Lessons start with a THEME PICTURE. Then CONVERSATION is taught with vocabulary. The PRONUNCIATION & RHYTHM segment comes next, followed by a section to discuss a BIBLE lesson. There are 2 parts to each lesson and many activities.  

Three levels available: Beginner – Intermediate – Advanced 

A Look Inside America

A Look Inside America Bill Perry

An excellent way to share the history, customs, celebrations and religious significance of 17 American holidays with international friends.   Includes a very informative section on the historical development of American cultural values, all written in an easier English that is often used as an ESL resource book. 

Storyteller’s Bible Study

Storyteller Bible Study Bill Perry

A complete teacher resource for conducting an introductory, cross-cultural Bible study. It lays a firm foundation for faith in 12 lessons and has been used effectively with new believers and with those who have no background in Christianity. This overview of the Bible is highly recommended and is an effective tool for sharing with international students (or anyone) who want to know more about God. 

Crossing Over with Parables:

Crossing Over With Parables

Some internationals go through an introductory Bible Study like Storyteller’s but are still not ready to make a commitment to Christ. Often this is because of basic issues, that as non-westerners, they may be struggling with. These issues usually center around family, culture, lifestyle and truth issues which must be dealt with before they commit themselves to the Lord.