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New Product Roundup: August

Hey everyone!

We just got in our long-awaited Bible shipment from Kenya and they are now available!

And yes, we now have a bilingual Swahili Bible! We are so excited about the new additions to our collection. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to give us a call at 215.542.1026 or email us.

We now offer Gikuyu (Kikuyu) Bibles! Gikuyu (Kikuyu) is the language of the Kikuyu people of Kenya

This Bilingual Bible in Gikuyu and English includes text side by side.
Vinyl flex cover.

Bible in the Gikuyu (Kikuyu) language. Vinyl flex cover.

Luo is spoken by the Luo people in Kenya and Tanzania.

This Luo Bible includes references, maps, ribbon marker, and chapter headings.
Vinyl flex cover.

The Maasai language is native to in Kenya and Tanzania.

This Maasai Bible includes a dictionary section, space for notes, maps, illustrations, ribbon marker, references, book introductions and chapter headings.

And don’t forget the Bilingual Swahili Bible which we are so excited about!

This Bilingual Bible in Swahili and English includes text side by side.
Vinyl flex cover.

If you need large quantities of a specific Bible, please don’t hesitate to email us at mlminfo@multilanguage.com or call us at 215-542-1026 so that we can assist you in distributing the largest number of Bibles possible!

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