Where it all began

At the age of eighteen, Richard Longo (Richlo) bought his first Harley-Davidson motorcycle. He wanted to fit in and within a couple of years, he was hanging out with notorious motorcycle clubs. Richlo ran with them for twenty years, doing whatever it took to get money. From stealing cars to selling large quantities of drugs and weapons, nothing was sacred. And in the process, he got addicted to speed and other hard drugs.

He thought he was ready to die

By the end of it, Richlo had a $400-a-day habit. He miraculously continued to survive overdoses and car accidents but couldn’t seem to stop. After a three-day binge in 2001, he was ready to kill himself. But right then he heard a voice tell him to call his sister. Startled, he did, and she helped him get into the Teen Challenge program in Brockton, Massachusetts. And as soon as he walked through the doors, he felt funny.

Everything began to change

Richlo knew then and there that he was on Holy Ground. But even knowing that, he fought the system at Teen Challenge for the first four months. By the grace of God, he was filled with the Holy Spirit, and was able and willing to turn over his life to Christ. Richlo began working with Teen Challenge and stayed on for 11 years as a pastor in all phases of ministry.Teen Challenge was the vessel God used to change my life and I give him all the glory, honor, and praise!” he marvels today. After Teen Challenge, Richlo was called to spend time out in the mission field, and then God called him back to his roots. He spends his time preaching the Gospel to lost bikers through Covenant Motorcycle Ministry, and has since 2009. God has blessed his work and Richlo became the National Chaplain with Covenant Motorcycle Ministries, which has grown into 17 chapters all over the United States and Canada. 


Where he is now

Richard and his wife Tara now reside in Florida. They do regular outreaches for and with bikers, ministering at Daytona Bike Week, Biketoberfest, Leesburg Bike Fest, St. Petersburg Bike Fest and many more. He has been clean and sober for 18 years “by the grace of God” and he loves that God has brought him full circle back to minister to the motorcycle world. 


How you can join the work

This March, CLC Ministries USA is partnering with Bible for the Nations and the Biker Church Europe to give away 20,000 copies of the new American version of the Biker Bible at Daytona Bike Week. God has been faithful, and 200 Bibles have already been provided for, but we’re still a long way from the goal God placed on our hearts. If you have a heart for bikers, sponsor an individual or a group of individuals with donations in multiples of $3. For example, $30 allows us to give out 10 Bibles and $300 ensures that 100 Bibles are handed out and those gospel conversations happen. Even better, those who donate $30 or more will receive a FREE Daytona 2019 t-shirt. 

Finally, if you can’t help us financially, share the GoFundMe page, so others will see what the Lord is doing! And pray with us and for us. Pray for the hearts of the bikers to be open to the Gospel and that God uses us to reach the right people.

God is doing mighty things! To Him be the glory.