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What are target Bibles?

Target Bibles are Bibles that are designed to reach a specific group or community by including testimonies that will appeal uniquely to them!

The target Bibles that we offer at CLC Multi-Language Media are actually New Testaments which include testimonies and stories of people within the specific community in focus. These stories and testimonies speak the insider language of that group. 

Why target Bibles? People love to hear stories of people who are like them and have similar interests and the Bible has a clear message for all of us!

Roul Åkesson, of CLC’s partner Bible for the Nations, shares a little bit of the “why” of target Bibles:

“For each new Bible project, we do our best to “pack” the most valuable and finest we own; God’s own Word to us humans. The target New Testaments include, besides the New Testament, 128 extra 4-color pages packed with interesting life stories, poems, prayers, tips, interviews, and information. The format is small and handy, so you can easily put the Bible into your pocket or bag.”

There is a clear presentation of the Gospel as well as contact information for those who have questions about knowing Jesus.

Have questions about the different target Bibles that we offer? Give us a call at 215-542-1026 or email us at mlminfo@multilanguage.com

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