Haitian The Upward Call


Author John Coblentz. Paperback.

The Upward Call points to God’s Word for answers. Each of the twelve lessons in this book begins with a personal inventory designed to help you open your heart to the truth of the lesson. This is followed by Scripture passages, comments on the Scriptures, study questions, and application questions.

Rele nan anwo a nan Pawòl Bondye a pou repons yo. Chak nan douz leson yo nan liv sa a kòmanse ak yon envantè pèsonèl ki fèt ede ou louvri kè ou a verite a nan leson an. Apre pasaj sa yo ekri, kòmantè sou ekriti yo, kesyon etid yo ak kesyon sou aplikasyon yo swiv sa.

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Jesus said, “Follow Me.” Does your discipleship match Jesus’ call? What does it mean to be a disciple of Christ today? The Upward Call points to God’s Word for the answers. These Bible studies in Christian discipleship lead us to understand God’s call, look at common problems true disciples must reckon with, and take up the responsibilities of discipleship.

The Master’s call is not for the slothful or faint of heart. There must be commitment and diligence. “This book is not a three-hour miracle course. It is a growth guide, a discipleship tool. The work is long, sometimes difficult, but always rewarding.

“…If you want real growth, take it slowly. Be honest. Be real. Face the issues. Face yourself. Face the Master. Answering the upward call takes time. It calls for courage. It demands discipline. But our upward walk has a destination. Up there, forever with Him, we will seize the prize, and every difficulty we faced here will seem as nothing!”

Deeply practical, intensely devotional, The Upward Call challenges, instructs, and encourages serious readers to follow the Master as He beckons us ever upward.

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