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English Connections Intermediate – ESL Student


15 lessons designed for classes lasting 9 months or longer.
Three levels available: Beginner – Intermediate – Advanced

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The format of this English curriculum is conversational driven while at the same time presenting an overview of the Bible. It is designed for classes lasting 9 months or longer. The whole language approach works from conversation to the breaking down into various sentences, phrases, and sounds.

Lessons start with a THEME PICTURE. Then CONVERSATION is taught with vocabulary. The PRONUNCIATION & RHYTHM segment comes next, followed by a section to discuss a BIBLE lesson. There are 2 parts to each lesson and many activities. The Teaching Visuals CD-ROM includes pictures, charts and pronunciation guides.

Lesson 1 Beginnings – God & Creation
Lesson 2 Family – The First Family
Lesson 3 The World – Beginning of Sin
Lesson 4 Weather &Animals – The Flood
Lesson 5 Travel – Abraham
Lesson 6 Homes – Moses
Lesson 7 Food – Passover
Lesson 8 Laws – Ten Commandments
Lesson 9 Clothes – God’s Special Man
Lesson 10 Special Days – Jesus’ Birth
Lesson 11 Jobs – Jesus’ Life
Lesson 12 Jesus’ Message
Lesson 13 Problems – Jesus’ Suffering & Death
Lesson 14 Holidays – Jesus’ Resurrection
Lesson 15 Plans – Jesus’ Return


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