Chinese Bilingual Bible (New China Version / ESV)


Chinese Bilingual Bible (New China Version/ English ESV) Traditional script (Shen Edition)

Hand-sized 5″ x 7.5″

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Chinese Bilingual Bible (New China Version/ English ESV) traditional script (Shen Edition)

Hand-sized 5″ x 7.5″


The ESV published in 2011 is based on the tradition of biblical literal translation and is improved by abandonment of absolute literal translation. The principle of literal translation is used to consider the difference in linguistics between the original and the translated language, so that the translation is closer to the modern language. “Biblical translation of the new” also pay attention to loyalty to the original, as far as possible in accordance with the norms of Chinese grammar, to retain the original style of literary style. English grammar and the original text is closer, the compound sentence level is strong; Chinese grammar is more refined and concise, not many words; two languages ​​side by side, the expression of the original meaning can be described as complement each other. The Bible is best suited for readers who require precise translations of each word in the original text.


  •  Fluent in Chinese and English translations, easy to read and easy to understand.
  • The text with the section by side by side, sub-title clear, help master the text of the outline.
  •  Parallel scriptures indicate the origin of the same event or similar event, facilitate mutual reference, and enhance understanding.
  • With ESV annotations, to deepen the understanding of the text, including different commentary, the original translation and so on.
  •  Biblical history and biblical maps attached from the beginning of the ancestral period to the early church.



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