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Arabic Blowout Bundle- 30 Plus Books!


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Over 80 Dollar Value!!!!!! …but Wait! 2 additional books for FREE 

( slightly imperfect) Arabic Bilingual New Testament and Gospel Of John. *while supplies last*

Here’s what’s included in your bundle:

1. ARALB14 -ARABIC By Power of Holy Spirit
2. ARALB331- ARABIC Heart of the Bible
3. ARAL56- ARABIC How Do We Pray
4. ARALB34- ARABIC How to Love God
5. ARALB35 – ARABIC How to Love Others
6. ARALB36- ARABIC How to Love Ourselves
7. ARALB51- ARABIC Maid of Samaria
8. ARALB52- ARABIC Mark of a Christian
9. ARALB22- ARABIC Conversation between Friends
10. ARALB28- ARABIC God’s Psychiatry
11. ARALB41 – ARABIC Inheritance or Originality?
12. ARALB95- ARABIC You Witness with Confidence
13. ARAL09- ARABIC Person Christ Gospel/Koran
14. ARALB62- ARABIC Phoenix & Lame Horse
15. ARALB64- ARABIC Purpose of God & Christian Life
16. ARALB66- ARABIC Revival (HB)
17. ARALB67- ARABIC Revival (PB)
18. ARALB71- ARABIC Search The Scriptures I
19. ARALB93- ARABIC What the Forest Said
20. ARALB72- ARABIC Search The Scriptures II
21. ARALB73 – ARABIC Secrets of Prayer
22. ARALB74- ARABIC Seven Things You To Need Know
23. ARALB75- ARABIC Spirit Control Temperament
24. ARALB83- ARABIC Teaching & Reaching
25. ARALB84- ARABIC Temptation
26. ARAL54- ARABIC The Normal Christian Life Paperback
27. ARALB85- ARABIC These Things We Believe
28. ARAS31 – ARABIC Gospel of Luke (Van Dyck)
29- ARAS33- ARABIC Gosp. of John 8769261
30. ARAS33- ARABIC Gosp. of John 8769261